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Update Your Shower With The Ultimate 15-Stage Filtration System– The Answer To Fresher, Odorless, Purer Water For A Revitalized Body, Powered By AQUALUTIO!
Chlorine laden water can turn your radiant strands into messy, frizzy and dried hairs that look impossible to manage.
Same applies to your sensitive skin, as nasty tap water that is full of impurities, strips it away from its natural moisture. Don’t let poor water quality take its toll on your skin, hair and nails’ wellbeing.
Invest In The Best 15 Stage Filtration System With Vitamin C For Excellent Water Quality With Every Single Shower!
Featuring a new and innovative blend of Active Carbon, Calcium Sulfite, KDF-55, Silver ceramic balls and plenty of more filtering layers, our widely-praised water filter checks all the boxes:

  • Reduces over 97% of chlorine, heavy metals, lead, iron
  • Breaks down dust particles in tap water
  • Provides purified and odorless water 24/7
  • Blesses your body with the great skin-loving benefits of Vitamin C
  • Reverses the damaging symptoms of tap water, including dull hair, brittle nails and itchy skin
  • Grants limitless supply of fresh water even for seniors, kids and pets who need it the most
  • Balances your skin’s pH level
  • Prevents scale growth in your tub

The Long-Lasting, Money-Saving Solution Your Bathroom Urgently Needs!
Even if upgrading the water quality of the whole house is not an option, this showerhead water filter is the fastest and easiest way to offer a purer showering routine for the whole family, in just seconds.
As each filter lasts up to six months, you can pamper yourself and your family with pure, revitalizing, and odorless water with less than 0.09 cents a day!
Aqualutio – Feel The Difference In Every Shower. Order Yours Today!
💧 15-STAGE FILTER SYSTEM FOR THE PUREST WATER: Featuring a proprietary NEW FORMULA and a multistage water filtration system, our purifying shower head uses a proven, unique blend of Active Carbon, Calcium Sulfite, KDF-55 that completely purifies hot and cold water and neutralizes unpleasant odors. The added Silver ceramic balls also help in breaking down dust in tap water, for unparallelly fresher and cleaner water.
💧EFFECTIVE PURIFICATION & HIGH WATER OUTPUT: Our high performance water shower filtration ensures a large flow rate all while effectively reducing over 97% of Chorine, heavy metals, lead, iron and other nasty impurities. This way, you can enjoy an utterly refreshing shower without compromising on the water flow. At the same time, it prevents scale growth in your tub making it the perfect solution for every home.
💧SHIELD YOUR HAIR, NAILS & SKIN FROM HARD WATER: By removing water impurities and softening hard water, you can now enjoy a way cleaner, healthier and more refreshing shower routine that actually treats your hair, skin and nails with the soft care they need. Plus, purified, chlorine-free water also prevents skin aging, improves the condition of your nails, and restores your hair’s shine.
💧ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN C TO REVITALIZE YOUR WHOLE BODY: Great for those with sensitive skin, our universal shower filter reduces dry itchy skin, dandruff, eczema flare ups, and dramatically improves the look and feel of hair and nails. A must-have addition to any household with kids and pets, for a healthy, revitalizing and enjoyable shower every single time!
💧UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY | LEAKPROOF | SUPER EASY INSTALLATION: For your convenience, our shower filter system is compatible with all types of showerheads including standard faucet, handheld shower systems, rain shower heads and inline faucet. Simply twist it on and enjoy a healthier showering routine in seconds. Sleek and discreet, it can be used in any bathroom without messing up with your décor. Zero leaks, zero hassle, zero extra tools required!

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